Six reasons DeKalb school board should approve new E-SPLOST project list Monday

By Maureen Downey   -  AJC, November 29, 2016

In this piece, Gevertz explains why the DeKalb school board ought to endorse the project list for the renewed penny sales tax for schools that county voters resoundingly approved in May. The board vote is scheduled for Monday.

By Allyson Gevertz

Schoolchildren and school buildings are waiting for the bell to ring to start capital improvements in DeKalb County School District.

On Monday, the DeKalb Board of Education will be asked to approve the Education-Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax V (E-SPLOST V) project list, determining how $500 million

DeKalb voters should give school chief vote of confidence and endorse E-SPLOST

We froze to death. Years ago, during an Arctic crash simulation at a national public education conference, the DeKalb County School District team died. None of the other teams from the 16 large urban school districts met that fate — only DeKalb. The leadership teams of the other districts assessed the survival training of the people in their groups, developed creative ways of using the items that survived the impact of the plane crash, and came to a consensus on whether to walk away or to stay at the crash site. Not DeKalb’s team — the lack of strategy proved fatal...

Five Ways to a Win-Win on the Doraville Tax Allocation District/GM Assembly Plant Redevelopment

DeKalb County, GA, May 20, 2016 – Commentary, by Allyson Gevertz – I’m not an economic development expert, nor an attorney, nor an accountant; I’m a parent of DeKalb County School District students. I’ve watched the Doraville Tax Allocation District (TAD) impasse unfold in the shadow of the Atlanta Public Schools/Beltline TAD trauma, and I’ve wondered why the Doraville TAD proponents appear unwilling to genuinely address the school District’s concerns. I would like to ask Doraville TAD supporters to consider five ways...

Why I (reluctantly) allowed my child to drop her first AP class

For years I heard all the reasons my child had to take AP classes: she will not get into good colleges without them, she needs the college credit, she will not be challenged by a general level class filled with low achievers. This reasoning never quite squared with my core beliefs: teaching to the test is wrong, making academic decisions for a high school student can undermine their autonomy, fostering creative thinking leads to resiliency. I listened to parents boasting of their children’s 12-AP-class transcripts...

DeKalb parents ought to get involved in superintendent search

By Maureen Downey,  AJC,  March 04, 2015

DeKalb parent and education advocate Allyson Gevertz offers advice today on what county residents can do to support school reform. Co-founder of the countywide parent advocacy group Parent Councils United, Gevertz had urged the DeKalb school board to involve the community in the search as it has now done.

By Allyson Gevertz

Both the government and the school system have made steps toward reform -- CEO Lee May's Operations Task Force and Gov. Deal's removal of DeKalb's Board of Education members -- but the bad news keeps coming.

At this point, cityhood movements, annexation proposals, and potential constitutional amendments demonstrate...